ULG 1 minute read
April 14, 2016


Striking the balance between a values-driven policy and Realpolitik.

The dialogue and consensus model that was conceived in the optimism of the early 80 and in following years measured by political will a will that somehow finds a median point between overconfidence and introspection in its dealings with the challenges of the world. This working principle is often pointed out as the weakest point and in the absence of political will it’s a crisis of decision-making and resulting in weak mandates at its best. Those critics hold the believe that politics decisions should be expression of practical accommodation to reality, not a unique moral insight. In that regard one can advocates a balance between both of them. The consensus approach participating states in a quest for a balance between a values-driven policy and Realpolitik. Striking that balance is difficult but ultimately manageable. “What it does not permit is withdrawal.”