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May 9, 2017

Kyiv: Who's afraid of the Maidan?

Kyiv a conversation

Politicians, people who support the previous regime. Elderly people are afraid of the Maidan: they think it is chaos, anarchy, something bad that destroys our country, our economy. Young people think the Maidan is one of the best things that has happened to our country. In Russia they are afraid of the Maidan. In Europe, I don't think people know exactly what the Maidan is. There is some kind of problem in our relation with Europe, because many people don't really understand what the Maidan is.

Everyone should experience such a Maidan, feel the spirit, talk to the people, hear about their feelings, their thoughts, their ideas, and just at such a moment you can say "I know what the Maidan is." Just showing the people, the crowds on the street, the barricades – it's not the point. That's like in every ordinary revolution. But to understand the people, you need to think as they thought. You need to communicate with people who were on the Maidan, and then you will know what the Maidan is.

Skepticism has taken hold of Ukrainian society, a deeper disillusionment and even questioning of the relevance and good faith of social change.

The change of attitude is perhaps unsurprising in view of the ongoing military sacrifice and economic crisis, with no end in sight.

It is seen as a foregone conclusion that the Minsk agreements are a failure and that by extension there is little to be expected from negotiated solutions, most extremely voiced in the opinion that "it is cynical to say that there is no military solution to the crisis."