Migration Alert

Migration alert is for those of you who are on the road. If you are in one of the CAOMIEs in France or refugee centres or hotspots in Greece or Italy. If you don’t have an email use the Post to migration alert at the bottom of this page. Just type your info in the textbox. If you have an email and want to send pictures use this email info@tandrum.com. We will post your observation at Hot Spots.

Hotspots is an interactive map showing locations of refugees centres in Greece and Italy, CAOMIEs in France and asylum offices on the Greek mainland.

If you or your peers have an initiative you would like to highlight, we will post it under Initiatives.

Tandrum You can also use Tandrum a place to post your ideas and concerns. just use the email info@tandrum.com or the Direct message at Tandrum to send in your ideas

up Click the Icon on the bottom right of the screen and start a conversation with us. If we are offline for a coffee, just leave a message in the pop up.(Put your name and a message in the popup-if you don’t have a email just leave that blank )

Or just use the twitter direct message button:


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