Look Up A platform for and by people on the road, refugees to look UP things from situations in camps and initiatives to resources on legal advice NGOs Volunteers services. With a interactive calendar for announcements and activities at the camps or general events and conferences.

Refugees on the road and in the camps can send in updates on the situation in and outside of the camps via Migration alerts

Tandrum For those who are on the road. A place to post your ideas and concerns. People on the move should have control over how they are portrayed. There should be a place for an unfettered description of their situation and a frank exchange of ideas. There is so much unknown and unsaid when people come to a new place. On the other hand there is so much to say. Feel free to send in your contribution - a text, a photo, a video. We are trying to find people who are willing to help us translate English to Arabic.

Back to school initiative.